About me

About me

I am a self taught mixed media, explorative artist with a love of materials that flow and blend and layer.

I live in the beautiful island of Jersey in the Channel Islands and can say with surety that the landscape and environment that I live in is of constant artistic inspiration for me. The flora and fauna of the island is so important to me as I marvel at its diverse beauty and welcome the creative ideas and enthusiasm that it gives me so that I can express myself through art using a unique style.

I love to create unusual accent art works that will brighten up any area of your home and hopefully create a talking point. My background and first passion is painting, primarily acrylics, as I love the effects that can be created by blending and layering, however I recently discovered Alcohol Inks and have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to use this colourful, attractive medium to create primarily abstract floral designs.

The process

After spending time inking the special Yupo paper that is needed for Alcohol Inks, I cut out pieces where I can see potential for a design and collage or piece together the paper, trying as I go to create an aesthetically pleasing design.  There is never a plan. I just piece together as I go along until I have a design that seems right.  The paper is mounted on to the hand made frames or blocks, then left until completely dry and ready to resin.  Multiple layers of resin are poured and smoothed on to the work and left to cure thoroughly until the piece is finished.

The use of resin to protect and accent the inked art has been very successful as not only does it eliminate the need for a glazed frame, but the crystal clear resin magnified and accentuates the Jewel like colours and metallic tones of the inks and really makes the colours pop!

I really hope that you like my art and please do contact me if you would like any further information.

Judith X

Important note!

Please keep all work out of direct sunlight and avoid humid conditions so that the quality of the work will not be affected in any way.